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Community Manager

FirstService Residential

Brandy Dean
Phone:  480-314-7011

Reachelle Haywood
Phone:  480-314-7010
Assistant to Brandy

2018 Board of Directors

- Mary Hunter ( term expires Feb. 2019)
- Todd Jakubowski ( term expires Feb. 2019)
- Jack Stromberg ( term expires Feb. 2020)
- Joy Mernagh ( term expires Feb. 2020)

Our community is governed by the elected Board of Directors of
Dreaming Summit Homeowners Association.

The Board of Directors of Dreaming Summit Homeowners Association is comprised of volunteers duly elected by the Members of the Association each year at the HOA Annual Meeting. Mid-term vacancies will be filled by the remaining Directors as provided in the Association documents.  Board members may be contacted through the management company, First Service Residential, care of Brandy Dean, Community Manager.


Officers were determined by the Board of Directors at the February 2018 Open Meeting.

The following Directors hold Officer positions:
President - Mary Hunter  /  Vice President - Todd Jakubowski  /  Treasurer - Jack Stromberg   /  Member - Joy Mernagh

Last Updated: 11/6/18